Nisheeth vishnoi thesis

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ORIE 6334: Spectral Graph Theory

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nisheeth vishnoi Admissions The Operations Research Center (ORC) provides academic and research opportunities for graduate students and faculty interested in an interdisciplinary field. Thesis advisor: Prof. Nisheeth Vishnoi Co-examiner: Dr.

Nicolas Macris Abstract We consider the application of geodesically convex optimization techniques to the computation of the optimal constant in the Brascamp-Lieb inequality.

The computation of the optimal constant in the Brascamp-Lieb inequality is an important theoretical problem that. This thesis shows that the shapes of \(S_n\)-number fields (of degree \(n = 3, 4,\) or \(5)\) become equidistributed as the absolute discriminant of the number field goes to infinity.

The result for \(n = 3\) is due to David Terr. Nisheeth Vishnoi is a faculty member of the School of Computer and Communication Sciences at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. He is also an associate of the International Center for Theoretical Sciences, Bangalore, an adjunct faculty member of IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur, and a co-founder of the Computation, Nature, and Society ThinkTank.

Nisheeth vishnoi thesis Nisheeth vishnoi thesis
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